Easy Frozen Activities Part 2

I’m finally getting around to posting more of the Frozen activities we did over spring break…months later. I do have a legitimate excuse, we just had baby girl number 3! She is such a sweet little girl and my older girls love her soooo much!  Anyway, on to the activities!


A super cheap and easy Frozen activity is making paper snowflakes. My girls used copy paper that I cut into squares to make their snowflakes. All you have to do is fold the paper, cut out shapes, and unfold. Here is a link to some fun templates or you can make your own designs like we did.


Next the girls made Elsa and Anna crowns. Each girl drew her crown on cardstock and stuck it to the back of a self-adhesive foam sheet.


I then cut the crown out for them as the foam is somewhat hard to cut through. Then they embellished their crowns and I added yarn to tie them on with.


Our next Frozen activity was making Elsa’s ice castle. We used ice cubes, glue, cardstock, paper plates, a ribbon spool for tracing a circle, and blue plastic cups.


I traced a ribbon spool on some cardstock to make the roofs for the castles’ turrets. I then cut out each circle and made a small cut half way through each of them.


I had the girls put part of the circle on top of the other part so it was overlapping and then glued it in place to make each roof.


They then assembled their castles by stacking ice cubes on their plates and putting the paper roofs on their cups and stacked ice cubes.


We also made magic foaming snowmen and then ‘melted’ them. We followed the tutorial here.



Our snowmen were decorated with sticks and foam sheets cut into circles and triangles.



Our snowmen after they were ‘melted’ with vinegar in a squeeze bottle.

Last, we had a summer snowball fight. We followed the recipe here. This was very messy! Make sure the entire process is done outside on a surface that can be hosed off! I would also suggest putting your kids in swim suits, which I regret not doing, so they can be hosed off too!


Well, that’s it for our Frozen activities. I hope they inspired you to have fun with your own kids!

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