Easy Frozen Activities Part 2

I’m finally getting around to posting more of the Frozen activities we did over spring break…months later. I do have a legitimate excuse, we just had baby girl number 3! She is such a sweet little girl and my older girls love her soooo much!  Anyway, on to the activities!


A super cheap and easy Frozen activity is making paper snowflakes. My girls used copy paper that I cut into squares to make their snowflakes. All you have to do is fold the paper, cut out shapes, and unfold. Here is a link to some fun templates or you can make your own designs like we did.


Next the girls made Elsa and Anna crowns. Each girl drew her crown on cardstock and stuck it to the back of a self-adhesive foam sheet.


I then cut the crown out for them as the foam is somewhat hard to cut through. Then they embellished their crowns and I added yarn to tie them on with.


Our next Frozen activity was making Elsa’s ice castle. We used ice cubes, glue, cardstock, paper plates, a ribbon spool for tracing a circle, and blue plastic cups.


I traced a ribbon spool on some cardstock to make the roofs for the castles’ turrets. I then cut out each circle and made a small cut half way through each of them.


I had the girls put part of the circle on top of the other part so it was overlapping and then glued it in place to make each roof.


They then assembled their castles by stacking ice cubes on their plates and putting the paper roofs on their cups and stacked ice cubes.


We also made magic foaming snowmen and then ‘melted’ them. We followed the tutorial here.



Our snowmen were decorated with sticks and foam sheets cut into circles and triangles.



Our snowmen after they were ‘melted’ with vinegar in a squeeze bottle.

Last, we had a summer snowball fight. We followed the recipe here. This was very messy! Make sure the entire process is done outside on a surface that can be hosed off! I would also suggest putting your kids in swim suits, which I regret not doing, so they can be hosed off too!


Well, that’s it for our Frozen activities. I hope they inspired you to have fun with your own kids!

Easy Frozen Activities and Snacks

It’s spring break here. This means going out and about and enjoying the warm weather, right? Wrong. That was the original plan, of course, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Unfortunately, both of my girls got sick during spring break. However, just because they were sick, it didn’t stop them from being bored and restless. It was time for plan b. My husband and I had bought them Frozen for Easter, but considering the circumstances (and whining and moaning), we decided to give it to them early. While they watched the movie, I scoured the wonderful world of Pinterest and found some easy Frozen activities to keep their minds off their misery.

Pin the nose on Olaf game

The first game we played was pin the nose on Olaf. I resized this Olaf coloring page and removed his nose to make the game. Here is a PDF you can print for personal use. Then, I used some orange card stock to cut out carrot noses. After that, all I needed was some tape and a blindfold and we were in business.

Frozen bingo

The next game we played was Frozen bingo. I printed out some Frozen bingo boards and each of the names on the boards, found some stray buttons, and Viola, insta-bingo! The girls played several rounds.

Frozen coloring pages

Once they were tired of bingo, we moved onto coloring. I found Frozen coloring pages here, here, and here. This kept them occupied for quite a while.

Toilet paper Olaf

We then moved back into the living room for a game of what I call TP Olaf (original inspiration for this and pin the nose on Olaf found here). We played it Minute to Win It style. I gave one girl a roll of toilet paper and she had a minute to use the whole roll on her sister and decorate her with a carrot nose and buttons that I made from card stock. It was great to hear them giggling again. After ripping off the toilet paper, an impromptu ‘snowball fight’ ensued, followed by ‘snow angels’, ‘ice skating’, and ‘sledding’ on pillows.

toilet paper snowball fight

While they cleaned up the disaster toilet paper in the living room, I cut out the Build a Snowman game. We used a die to play, as explained here. Each number represented a body part to build, except 6 which ‘melted’, so they had to remove a body part they had already built. We played until they had both completely built their Olaf.

Build Olaf  game

Next up were Lego castles for Elsa and Anna. I love Legos, sure, they’re messy, but nothing keeps my girls occupied like Legos. They will play with them for hours! There is no end to what they can create. No, I’m not getting paid by Lego, I wish I was. :)

Lego castles

For lunch, I made sandwiches and then helped the girls cut out snowflake shapes with a butter knife. Not the neatest way of doing it, but they had fun making their own unique snowflake.

snowflake sandwich

Using inspiration from here, here, and here, I showed my girls how to make a few different versions of edible Olafs on lollipop sticks. Their decorations were made from pretzel sticks, Skittles, and Nutella.


I filled a zippered sandwich bag with Nutella and cut a hole in the corner, so my girls could pipe on eyes, noses, and mouths.

piping Nutella on a marshmallow Olaf snowman

Well, that’s it for part one of our Frozen spring break. Stay tuned for part two!